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shitty day X(

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Oct. 1st, 2009 | 07:03 pm

geez this day couldnt of gotten worse that it was already was

I hate my chem teacher and i was struggling to get through her class and she doesnt even teach us anything and ignores the majority execpt those that are "smart". Now i got to pick up my grade because of that ONE test that dropped my grade from a lonely low B to a FREEKEN D and im pissed off bout that.

i studied i tried to teach me everything she didnt go over yet i failed because she included stuff that we werent even supposed to be going over with and i just had it

im leaving that class i dont care im not very happy bout that grade either

Ontop of that my mom is yelling at my brother about school and i mean i hate my bro but doesnt mean she can just start yelling him bout school thats not right

Then dance and cosplay are getting to me

im not sure if i even want to go to mickeys not so scary since im lacking the money to even go and really honestlly not motivated plus some of the things i plan arent going right and im messing up

dance is still being a pain and now i got to help them with the Homecoming costumes since apparentlly im the only one in the magent that

can sew somthing right and if i dont help i Fail

gah i hate ranting but i really needed to do this needs to go somewhere

just not alot of things going right and the only good part was being alone this morning at school

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